Dr Fiona Mason is a forensic psychiatrist, medical leader and leadership trainer, with a proven track record of improving outcomes through innovative and effective treatment and service delivery.

She trained in general psychiatry at the Royal Free Hospital, London, and went on to specialise in forensic psychiatry working as a senior registrar at the Maudsley Hospital, subsequently becoming a lecturer in victimology and forensic psychiatry at the Institute of Psychiatry. In this role, she worked in the Traumatic Stress Service, which involved the assessment and treatment of adults who had experienced one or more traumatic events, and who were suffering psychological difficulties as a consequence. 

During her career, Dr Mason also worked at Broadmoor Hospital in male intensive care and pre-discharge, then with women suffering from personality disorder and complex post-traumatic reactions. On moving to St Andrew’s Healthcare, Dr Mason continued working with women, and developed gender specific pathways of care for offender women. Her inpatient practice covered medium and low secure wards with some community rehabilitation work. 

Dr Mason won the Laing & Buisson Independent Healthcare Aware for Innovation in 2010 and has, throughout her career, developed innovative approaches to service delivery. She was also shortlisted for the HSJ Clinical Leader of the Year award in 2014.

Fiona is results driven and always demands the best from her team/s. I have always found her expectations high and her desire to ensure success at every level a strong motivator for me on a professional level. Excellence from the top cascades and shapes those in her charge, and for my part believe those around in her team develop into innovators and excel. You will rarely find a more inspiring professional in the mental health sector.
— Colin Doyle, Independent Healthcare Management Consultant & Specialist Advisor to CQC

Developing innovative approaches to service delivery

Dr Mason has been actively involved in a number of service developments, both as an external and internal advisor and recognises the importance of effective teamworking in the delivery of high quality services. Some examples of this are listed below.

  • Built a highly effective, empowered, well-regarded medical team, many of who have internal and external networking roles, and who provide effective, evidence based healthcare for service users.
  • Led the team that facilitated the re-provision of the Women’s Service at St Andrew’s Hospital, Northampton, including the move to gender-specific secure care for women and the successful commissioning, design and build of Smyth House.
  • Devised a strategy to address the needs of staff subject to work-related trauma, resulting in her appointment to the new post of Trauma Advisor.
  • Advised the Blenheim Group for the development and opening of Chadwick Lodge Women’s Service, and the appointment of key clinicians.
  • Led in the redesign and delivery of services for women with a personality disorder diagnosis at Broadmoor Hospital.

In short, this broad spread of clinical experience and service provision acquired at the highest levels in the mental health sector makes Dr Mason an outstanding asset to any team. As part of her healthcare consultancy work, she can provide reviews of, for example, mental health service provision, standards of practice, quality governance and stakeholder opinion. Depending on your requirements, Dr Mason can work alone, with her associates or with your internal teams. She can also take part as an independent expert in inquiries and investigations.