Dr Fiona Mason is one of a small number of trained programme leaders around the world who are qualified to deliver the highly successful Living Leadership Programme.

It was developed by Penny Ferguson in 1995, and has now helped over 35,000 people worldwide, producing transformational results at an individual and organisational level.

The Living Leadership Programme delivered by Dr Mason helps individuals take personal responsibility for their performance, and create more effective relationships. It bridges the gap between people’s behaviour at work and their personal lives, which means its effect is inspiring, profound and long-lasting. 

As part of the 3-day programme, Dr Mason will demonstrate that a fundamental element of outstanding leadership is the development of others, and provide participants with the support that they need to empower them to reach their full potential. Attendees will examine how this can be achieved through every aspect of our behaviour. The programme also explores how to create a working environment where individuals learn to work more effectively together.

Overview of the programme - 3 days in total (residential or non-residential options)

The Living Leader programme takes place over two concurrent days and a third approximately two weeks later. It has a strong focus on communication, responsibility and individual strengths as the foundations of empowered working relationships and highly performing teams. If we want to achieve our shared vision, it is essential that everyone understands the objective and their role in delivering it.

The programme highlights and analyses each individual’s communication style and how they think, and helps them move towards more positive behaviours. With this new level of personal awareness, outstanding results can be seen in: 

Greater team co-operation and openness. Building more open, supportive and transparent relationships to increase shared responsibility.

Improved communication. Clearer messages reduce misunderstanding, unify focus and create greater trust.

Decisions made at an appropriate level. A greater level of responsibility and ownership empowers individuals at every level with people focused on outcomes, not blame.

Improved team support and enhanced performance. Better understanding of the needs and challenges faced by each team member, and a willingness to work together to achieve the desired outcomes.

Increased innovation to create a competitive edge. Inspires individual confidence and provides a practical framework to encourage creative thinking and behaviour.

It undoubtedly helped me turn the company around when I was CEO. The growth and momentum we created has been sustained long after I left. Bringing in TLL was therefore one of the first things I did at my next organisation.
— Group CEO, Healthcare Group

A powerful springboard to explore abilities and expand horizons

The training provided by Dr Mason will provide a powerful springboard for generating the understanding and co-operation required for success, as well as exploring abilities and expanding horizons. 

The programme is based on the belief that outstanding leadership is not just about how good a leader you are, but about how many leaders you develop. The programme outlines how to create an environment where individuals can think clearly, deeply and creatively. 

In short, Dr Mason will help the people in your company, organisation or institution to:

  • Learn how to foster and encourage trust and openness
  • Understand how to communicate effectively to create win/win situations
  • Establish a ‘leadership environment’ to enhance the creativity of the team
  • Learn to build a spirit of co-operation and involvement in teams
  • Create a climate in which everyone takes personal responsibility
  • Understand how to resolve difficult situations with positive outcomes
  • Develop the confidence and understanding to move from reactive responses to proactive ones
  • Recognise how to understand and move past unhelpful repeating patterns of behaviour
  • Understand how to make empowered choices

I feel that the things I have learned will help me and others, and hopefully make me an exceptional leader.
— Previous attendee